15 February 2017

Princely Wedding at Waal Castle

In bright sunshine, Prince Wolfram von der Leyen and Countess Janina of Schönborn-Wiesentheid from Monaco were given a married on 11.20.2017 in the presence of numerous honorary guests at the registry office in Waal. Prince Wolfram is the oldest of the four children of the Family von der Leyen.

The mother of Countess Janina is from Monaco, her father comes from Wiesentheid near Würzburg. The great-grandmothers of the young couple were sisters. As a result of this family relationship, Countess Janina came to  Waal Castle at the age of 17 to learn the German language.
On this occasion the young couple also got to know each other. The religious wedding takes place on the 24th of June in the Cathedral of Monaco.

Big honor for Duke Carl of Württemberg

Duke Carl of Wurttemberg received on 14.02.2017 the Grand Staufermedaille in gold, as announced by a statement from the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg.

"Duke Carl of Wurttemberg has made a great contribution to our community through his manifold voluntary commitment," said Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann on the occasion of the presentation of the Grand Staufermedaille in gold of the state of Baden-Württemberg on Tuesday in the Neue Schloss in Stuttgart. "He has expressed himself in a clear and at the same time reserved for the cohesion in our society and is an example for me and for many people in the country," added the minister-president. Under the leadership of Duke Carl of Württemberg the economic enterprise of the House Württemberg became modern and international. "He has always represented the House Württemberg in a dignified and humane way and has successfully led to a good future," Kretschmann praised. "Our country owes the Wurttemberg not only beautiful buildings, but also wise laws, developments and decisions."
For Duke Carl of Württemberg, a reflected Christian faith, as well as concrete social action, belong together - when it comes to collecting donations for a good cause, you do not have to ask for it twice, explained the Prime Minister. Duke Carl of Württemberg is engaged for decades, for children with cancer, old and weak people, and for aid and education projects in Africa and South America. "In addition, he supports the culture, education and science of our country," said Kretschmann.
The welfare of the free schools, his long-time work as chairman of the university union of Tübingen, as well as his close ties with the University of Hohenheim by the Duke-Carl-Scholarship he founded, were of special concern to him. "Duke Carl of Württemberg combines a sense of duty and faith Virtues and motives. He is a founder and benefactor: he is actively involved in the promotion of ecclesiastical school facilities as well as in the church council of Altshausen, "emphasized the Prime Minister.
Even without a political mandate, Duke Carl of Württemberg expressed his views on current issues and problems: "Several years ago, Duke Carl von Württemberg warned of the extremes of the political borders, or declared himself to be a subsidiary and partnership-based Europe," praised the Prime Minister Praised the "clear words of a straight man".

Article in the Südkurier