17 December 2016

Problems with name Change in the House Castell-Castell

Anger causes a change of name in the house Castell-Castell. According to the Landratsamt Kitzingen, Hereditary  has been able to call himself Fürtst zu  Castell-Castell at Castell-Castell since 104.12.2016 at his own request. On the other hand, the law firm of Bohl & Coll. Supervisory complaint to the government of subordinates. There is no important reason, legally necessary, to allow name changes. This could be the Germanization of a foreign name. A change of the name, in order to express his own state, is excluded by law. The Chancellery calls on the government to forbid this change to the Landratsamt. Why the Landratsamt considers this to be admissible, one will not publicly justify, said a spokeswoman of the office.