03 August 2016

80th birthday celebrations of Duke Carl of Württemberg

Already on Sunday 31.07. the celebrations for the 80th birthday of Duke Carl of Württemberg started with a reception and a Großer Zapfenstreich 8military tatoo) and a Serenade at the Castle Square. I took the opportunity and ttravelled to Altshausen for this part of the celebrations,. i arrived there short after 16h00 and then went to the Castle to see where the reception shopuld took palce. Unfortnately the weather that day weas not the best. It sometimes rained light and according to the weatherforecast it would be possible that thre would be a thunderstorm. it turned out that the reception should take palce in the private part of the Castlepark where small Pavillons had been errected. Duke Friedrich and his son Duke Wilhelm where already at the entrance and talked with the organizers. Soon the first guests started to arrive. Most of them walked through the Park but some of the more important guests where droven direct to the entrance of the private park. At 17h00 Duke Carl and Duchess Diane drove in a small Golfcar from the Castle to the Park. it was droven by their grandson Duke Wilhelm. Also the sisters of Duke Carl where driven in Golfcars. The guests arrived until short before 18h00.
I wealked then a bit around and looke in the Chruch which was alrady beautiful decorated for the Serive of thanksgivin on the next day. Afterwars i went out on the Castle Squaure to get a good space there. It turned out that before the Castle chairs where placed for the members of the Royal family and some of the guests. The public was allowed to stand on bioth sides of the Square. We then then could see the Family arrive and had a good view on them. The then Bürgerwehren arrived and it turned out that they would stand on both sides of the square before the public. So unfortunately i could not see what was going on on the Square but we heard the Music who was played. The Serenade and Tatoo lasted fro 1 hour until it was finished.

The Royal guests i have seen there

Margrave Max and Margravine Valerie of Baden
Hereditary Prince Bernhard of Baden
Fürst Karl Friedrich and Fürstin Katharina of Hohenzollern
Count Moritz and Coutness Fleur of Goëss
Count Zeno of Goëss
Countess Flaminia of Goëss
Countess Livia of Goëss
Princess Marie Chrstiine of Liechtenstein
Hereditary Count Karl Eugen and Hereditrary Countess Andrea of Neipperg
Margravine Helene of Pallavicini
Prince Antoine and Princess Elisabeth of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Duke Wilhelm Albert of Urach
Fürst Inigo and Fürstin Danielle of Urach
Count Ludwig and Countess Stephanie of Waldburg zu Wiolfegg and Waldsee
Fürst Erich and Fürstin Mathilde of Waldburg zu Zeil and Trauchburg
Countess Marie-Thérese of Waldburg zu Zeil and Trauchburg
Countess Esliusabeth of Waldburg zu Zeil and Trauchburg
Countess Charlotte of Waldburg zu Zeil and Trauchburg
Countess Hélène of Waldburg zu Zeil and Trauchburg
Countess Marie Gabriele of Waldburg zu Zeil and Trauchburg
Duke Carl and Duchess Diane of Württemberg
Duke Friedrich and Duchess Marie of Württemberg
Duke Wilhelm of Württemberg
Duchess Marie-Amélie of Württemberg
Duchess Sophie-Dorothée of Württemberg
Duke Eberhard of Württemberg
Duke Philipp and Duchess Marie Caroline of Württemberg
Duchess Sophie of Württemberg
Duchess Pauline of Württemberg
Duke Carl Theodor of Württemberg
Duchess Anna of Württemberg
Duke Michael and Duchess Julia of Württemberg
Duke Ferdinand of Württemberg
Duke Eugen of Württemberg
Duke Alexander of Württemberg
Duchess Sophie of Württemberg

There where lots of  local politicans present like the former Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg Erwin Teufel with his wife Edeltraud and also members from the church etc.

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