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german Houses: The Princely House Reuß

The Princely House Reuß (younger Line)

House of Reuß

In Honor of Emperor Heinrich VI. all male member of the Family are named Heinrich.The numbering system in the younger line is the following:
The sons of Heinrich Posthumus are numbered from I to X., his grandson through all three lines in the order of their birth, as in the other generations to Heinrich XXIX. zu Ebersdorf (* 1699). The next generation (excluding Heinrich XXX. Gera) begins a new series with Heinrich I. zu Schleiz (* 1695) to Heinrich XXV. zu Köstritz (* 1800). The new series each begin with the start of a new century; the third in the 19th century with Prince Heinrich I. Reuss zu Köstritz (* 1803), the fourth with Prince Heinrich I. Reuss to Köstritz (* 1910), the fifth with Prince Heinrich I. Reuss (* 2002)

Reuß zu Gera

When in In 1564 the three sons of Heinrich XIII. the still divided the Reuss  dominion's under an inheritance contact  his youngest son Heinrich XVI. got the rule Gera. To it berlonged the town Gera some villages and the care Langeberg. As the rule Gera was seen as more valuable then the rule Obergreiz Heinrich XVI. paid in 1565 the sum of 5.000 Gulders as a as a value-balancing to his brother Heinrich XV. In 1566 the 3 brothers also divided the rule Oberkranichfeld which they until then administrated together.After the death of Heinrich I. in 1635 his 4 sons Heinrich II., Heinrich III., Heinrich IV. and Heinrich X. ruled together. In When in 1642 the youngest brother Heirnich X. came of age the started distribution negations for the rule Gera. They where finalized on 05.12.1647 and the rule was divided into 4 territories.

Lords of Reuß zu Gera
1564-1572 Heinrich XVI.
1572-1635 Heinrich I.
1635 1670 Heinrich II.
1635-1640 Heinrich III.
1635-1647 Heinrich IX.
1635-1647 Heinrich X.
1640-1647 Heinrich I.  
1670-1673 Heinrich IV. 

County Reuß zu Gera

On   26.08.1673 Heinrich IV. Reuß zu Gera together with the entire House was raised to a Count ot the Empire by Emperor Leopold I. This line became extinct in the male line when Count Heinrich XXX. died on 26.04.1802 without Issue. The territory was dived and Reuß zu Schleiz got the half and Reuß zu Ebersdorf and Reuß zu Lobenstein both a quarter.

Counts Reuß zu Gera
1673-1686 Heinrich IV.
married to Countess Anna Dorothea of Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen
1686-1735 Heinrich XVIII.
1735-1748 Heinrich XXV.
married first to Countess Eliane Juliane Sophie of Giech-Thurnau
married second to Countess Palatine Sophie Marie of Birkenfeld-Gelnhausen
1748-1802 Heinrich XXX
married to Countess Palatine Luise Christiane of Birkenfeld-Gelnhausen 

Reuß zu Schleiz

In the partition of 1647 Heinrich IX. got the rule Schleiz. It was reduzed of the towm Tama and 12 villages whioch was given to the rule Saalburg. The rule Schleiz consited now of the Residencetown Schleiz and the villages Burkersdrfo, Dragensdorf, Ebersberg, Göschütz, Kauschwitz, Kirschkau, Leitlitz, Lösau, Oberböhmsdorf, Oberkoskau, Kleinwolschendorf, Palmen,, Pörnitz, Rödersdorf, Tegau, Weckersdorf. Also the villages Langenwetzendorf, Niederböhmsdorf, Triebes an Weißendorf as the march Hohenleuben belonged to the rule Schleiz but where separated from the rest of the Territory through another Territory which belonged to Reuß-Untergreiz.
Heinrich IX,. died in 1666 without Issue and was succeed by his nephew Heinrich I. of Reuß zu Saalburg.

Lords of Reuß zu Schleiz
1635-1666 Heinrich IX. 
1666-1673 Heinrich I.

County Reuß zu Schleiz
On   26.08.1673 Heinrich I. Reuß zu Schleiz together with the entire House was raised to a Count ot the Empire by Emperor Leopold I. In 1679 Count Heinrich I. introduced the primogenitur so that onl the firstborn son inherited. According to his Testament from 1687 the oldest son should succeed as reigning Count of Reuß zu Schleiz and his younger son should get an Apange the paragium Reuß zu Köstritz. This was realized in 1692.
When in 1802 the line fo the Counts Reuß zu Gera became extinc thalf of the territorys of that County fell to Reuß zu Schleiz

Counts Reuß zu Schleiz
1673-1692 Heinrich I.
married to Countess Esther of Hardegg zu Galtz and im Machlande
1692-1726 Heinrich XI.
married to Countess Auguste Dorothea zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg
1726-1744 Heinrich I.
married to  Countess Juliane Dorothea Luise zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Vineburg 
1744-1784 Heinrich XII.
married first  to Countess Christine of Erbach-Schönberg
married second to Countess Christiane Ferdinandine zu Ysenburg and Büdingen in Philippseich
1784-1806 Heinrich XLIII.

apanaged Juniorline Reuß zu Köstritz

Count Heinrich I. Reuß zu Schleiz diceded in his testament that jos oldst son shpulöd inherited the County Reuß zu Schleiz and his younger son heinrich XXIV. should get an apanage the Paragium Reuß-Köstritz. He therefore got in 1692 as Paragiats lorsdhip the from his father bought fiefdoms with all income and rights. The Paragium which had the characater of a Fidekomiss, was always inherited by the odlest son and remained without souvereign rights. 
The Paragium included: The knights estates in Köstritz lower part, middle part and upper part as the associated vorwerk in Pohlitz as the kingts estatre Dürrenberg, Hartmannsdorf, Steinbrücken and Roben, In the care Reichenfels, the knigts estates Hohenleuben, Reichenfels, Götendorf, Triebes as the manorial rights of the knigts estates in Langenwetzendorf, lower part, middle part and upper part. To the Paragium also belonged foreignes etates whioch where sold partly in the 19th Century.  These where the Lordships Dittersbach nr Sagan, Greisitz, Küpper and Skarsine in Silesia. And in Niederlausitz the lorships Drehna and Vetschau.
The in Holstein locagted extenisve lordshio Quarnbergk with the estates Walreberg and Rathmannsord as the villages Flemhude, melsdorf, Stampe and Strohbrück was put into a Fidekommiss. The in 1828 through inheritance lawsuit obtained Majora's dominions Ernstbrunn, Klement, Michelstetten, Hagenberg, Unter-Stinkenbrunn and Gföhl in Austria as Plan and Göttschau in Bohemia and to the allods belonging lordshops Steinabronn, Streindorf, Enzersdorf, Stronsdorf, Stronegg, Schatterle and Pernhofen in Austria were combined to form the majorats Hagenberg and Ernstbrunn. 
The line Reuß zu Köstritz split in 1748 in ay older, middle and younger branch. 
  • Heinrich VI. was the ancestor of the older branch. This brach was in 1806 raised to the rank of a Fürst of the Empire (Reichsfürstenstand) by Emperor Franz II. in 1806. This line became extinct in the male line when i 1878 Fürst Heinrich LXIX. died without male Issue
  • Heinrich IX. was the ancestor of the ´middle branch. When in 1878 the older brach became extinct Count Heinrich IV. succeeded as Fürst Reuß zu Kösritz. His great-grandson Fürst Heinrich IV. took in 1946 over the posistion as Head of the entire House of Reuß.
  • Heinrich XXIII. was the ancestor of the younger branch.  There are descendants of this brach until today.

Counts Reuß zu Köstritz
1692-1748 Heinrich XXIV.
married to Baroness Marie Eleonore Emilia of Pronitz-Dittersbach
1748-1783 Heinrich VI.
married to Henriette Juana Francisca  Casada y Hugueta, Margravine of Monteléon
1783-1806 Heinrich XLIII.

Fürsten Reuß zu Köstritz
1806-1814 Heinrich XLIII.
married to Countess Luise Reuß zu Ebersdorf
1814-1856 Heinrich LXIV
1848-1878 Heinrich LXIX.
married to Matilda Harriet Elizabeth Locke
1878- 1894 Heinrich IV.
married to Princess Luise Reuß zu Greiz
1894-1910 Heinrich XXIV.
married to  Princess Elisabeth Reuß zu Köstritz
1910-1946 Heinrich XXXIX. (he renounced the usage of the Titel Fürst)
married to Coutess Antonia zu Castell-Castell

Principality Reuß zu Schleiz  
On 09.04.1806 Count Heinrich XLIII. Reuß zu Schleiz and alle other Regents of the House younger line where raised to the rank of Princes of the Empire (Reichsfürstenstand) by Emperor Franz II. After the abdication of Fürst Heinrich LXXII. Reuß zu Lobenstein and Ebersdorf on 01.10.1848 Fürst Heinrich LXII. could all territories of the line Reuß younger line united to the Principality Reuß younger line. 

Fürsten Reuß zu Schleiz
1806-1818 Heinrich XLII.
married to Princess Karoline Henriette zu Hohenlohe-Kirchberg
1818-1848 Heinrich LXII.

Reuß zu Lobenstein

In the partition of 1647 Heinrich X. the rule Lobenstein reduced of 11 villages who where given to the new rule Saalburg. It consisted now of the Residentown Lobenstein, Lobenstein Castle, 41 localities, 5 knights goods, 3 knights sittings and several outworks and hammer works. In 1664 Heinrich X. bought from the Lords of Beulwitz Castle and care Hirschberg. After in 1666 his nephew Heinrich I. zu Saalburg took over the rule Schleiz he got the villages back who where in 1647 ceded to the new rule Saalburg. this where the villages Altengesees, Gahma, Göttengrün, Langgrün, Lothra, Rödern, Rittesrdorf, half of Spielmess, Thimmendorf, Weißenbach and Weinisberga.

Lords Reuß zu Lobenstein
1635-1671 Heinrich X.
1671-1673 Henrich III.
1671-1672 Heinrich V.
1671-1673 Heinrich VIII.
1671-1673 Heinrich X. 

County Reuß zu Lobenstein

On   26.08.1673 Heinrich X. Reuß zu Lobenstein together with the entire House was raised to a Count ot the Empire by Emperor Leopold I. In 1678 the three countly  brothers led by the last division of the state in the house of Reuss youner line. In 1690 instead of  the equal inheritance the  inheritance of the firstborn the primogeniture, introduced. The division of the county was carried out in the same parts as possible, the eldest brother received City and Castle Lobenstein ,the second brother the  city and Castle Hirschberg as a residence was referring, for the youngest brother but no city was available, which one it could allocate. The "capital" of his county was the village Ebersdorf and from the existing manor was only under his direction a lock.  Count Heinrich III. Reuss to Lobenstein  the eldest of the brothers, also left three sons, of whom now only the eldest, Count Heinrich XV. succeeded him. His uncle, Count Heinrich VIII. Reuss to Hirschberg died in 1711 without sons, and therefore out of the Reuss-Hirschberg. With its Ebersdorfer cousin Heinrich XXIX. Now came a renewed division. In 1712 was awarded to all of the half of the old total domination Lobenstein. Successor of Heinrich XV. was his only him surviving son of Count Heinrich II Reuss to Lobenstein.. This had only one son, Count Heinrich XXXV. Reuss to Lobenstein . On  11.10.1790 Heinrich XXXV was. raised on the coronation in Frankfurt by Emperor Leopold II. in a  Prince of the Empire (Reichsfürstenstand).

Counts Reuß zu Lobenstein
1673-1710 Heinrich III. 
married to  Countess Marie Christine of Leinignen-Westerburg
1673-1678 Heinrich VIII.
1673-1678 Heinrich X
1710-1739 Heinrich XV.
married to Countess Ernestine Eleonore of Schönburg-Waldenburg-Hartenstein
1739-1782 Heinrich II. 
married to Countess Juliane Dorothea Chalotte of Hochberg zu Fürstenstein
1782-179 Heinrich XXX.

Principality Reuß zu Lobenstein

On  11.10.1790 Heinrich XXXV was. raised on the coronation in Frankfurt by Emperor Leopold II. to a  Prince of the Empire (Reichsfürstenstand).When in 1802 the line of Reuß zu Gera became extinct Reuß zu Lobenstein got a quarter of the it's Territory including the care Saalburg. Fürst Heinrich XXX. died on 30.03.1805 unmiarreid and with Issue in Paris. 

Fürsten Reuß zu Lobenstein
1790-1805 Heinrich XXX.

Counts Reuß Lobenstein zu Selbitz

The fifth son of Count Heinrich III. Reuß zu lobenstein was Count Heinrich XXVI. who married in 1715 Countess Juliane Rebekka of Tattenbach zu Selbitz. His wife brought the half of the knights estate Selbitz into the marriage therefore Heinrich XXVI. called fhimself from 1718 Count Reuß of Selbitz. On 15.02.1727 he was given half of the knighs estate Selbitz as feef by Margrave Georg Friedrich of Brandenburg-Bayreuth.
When in 1805 Fürst Heinrich XXXV. Reuß zu Lobenstein died without male Issue Count Heinrich XXI. would have inherited. As he ws already 84 years old he renouned in favour of his nephew Heinrich LIV..

Counts Reuß Lobenstein zu Selbitz
1718-1730 Heinrich XXVI.
married to Countess Juliane Rebekka of Tattenbach zu Selbitz
1730-1745 Heinrich XI.
1745-1783 Heinrich XIX. 
1783-1805 Heinrich XXI.
married to Countess Marie Elisabeth Reuß zu Ebersdorf
1805-1806 Heinrich LIV.
Fürsten Reuß zu Lobenstein-Selbitz

On 09.04.1806 Count Heinrich LIV. Reuß Lobenstein zu Selbitz and alle other Regents of the House younger line where raised to the rank of Princes of the Empire (Reichsfürstenstand) by Emperor Franz II. In October 1806 Napoleon Bonaparte took during the campaign against Prussia temporarily in neighboring Ebersdorfer Castle Quarter. The passage of the French troops by the principality Reuss-Lobenstein brought the country plundering and devastation. The neutral Principality remained lthough spared from fighting, but almost 200,000 soldiers subjected to three days and nights through the town Lobenstein and caused enormous damage. Fürst Heinrich LIV. joined in 1807 with his country the Rhine Confederation and 1815, the German alliance. He died on 07.05.1824 without leaving Issue

Fürsten Reuß zu Lobenstein-Selbitz
1806-1824 Heinrich LIV.
married first to Countess Marie zu Stolberg-Wernigerode
married second to Princess Franziksa Reuß zu Köstritz

County Reuß zu Ebersdorf

In the partition of 1678 Count Heinrich X. founded the County Reuß zu Ebersdorf. To it belonged the town Ebersdorf and the village Altengesees, Eliasbrunn, Gahma, Helmsgrünn, Lichtenbrunn, Lothra, lückenmühle, half of Neundorf, Oberlemnitz, Seibis, Titschdorf, Unterlemnitz, Weißbach, Weitisberga and Wurzbach as the knights estates Ebersdorf, Harra, Haueisen, Heimlingen, Kießling and Weitisberga.
When in 1712 after the death of Count Heinrich VIII. the line or Reuß zu Hirschberg became extinct the citiy and Cirschberg as the 12 villages fell to the County Reuß zu Ebersdorf. The wife of Count Heinrich LI. Louise Henriette was the daughter and heiress of Count Gotllieb Adolf of Hoym. Therefore she brought with herself  the Lordships and estates Dreyßig, Gleina, Großhelmsdorf, Grünwald, Guteborn, Ruhland, Schkölen, Schwarzbach and Thallwitz, After the line of Reuß zu Gera had become etinct in 1802 the a qaurter of the County Reuß zu Gera as the care Saalburg fell also the Reuß zu Ebersdorf.

Counts of Reuß zu Ebersdorf
1678-1711 Heinrich X.
married to  Countess Erdmuthe Benigna zu Solms-Laubach and Wildenfels
1711-1747 Heinrich XXIX.
married to Countess Sophie Theodora zu Castell-Remlingen
1747-1779 Heinrich XXIV.
married to Countess Karoline Ernestine of Erbach-Schönberg
1779-1806 Heinrich LI.

Principality Reuß zu Ebersdorf

On 09.04.1806 Count Heinrich LIV Reuß zu Ebersdorf and alle other Regents of the House younger line where raised to the rank of Princes of the Empire (Reichsfürstenstand) by Emperor Franz II. In 1806, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte styed  during the campaign against Prussia temporarily in Ebersdorf Palace Quarter. The passage of the French troops brought the country plundering and devastation. The now Principality impoverished and could recover only slowly. The last years of the Principality ran quite turbulent. Heinrich LXXII., A fun-loving bachelor, invited in 1843 the dancer Lola Montez to Ebersdorf one. Mood detention and arrogant, they behaved a few weeks so impossible that the prince they had to post. 1846 went to Munich and became the mistress of King Ludwig I. who had to vacate the throne on her account in the revolution of 1848. Also in the Principality of Reuss-Ebersdorf it came in the same year to unrest. The people demanded freedom of the press, parliament and independent judiciary. Prince Heinrich LXXII.. close to the people and very popular, showed understanding, abdicated to the amazement of his subjects on 01.10.1848 and retired to the family estate in Saxony where he died in 1853.

Fürsten Reuß zu Ebersdorf
1806-1822-Heinrich LI.
married to Countess Luise Henriette of Hoyem
1822-1848 Heinrich LXXII.

County Reu0 zu Hirschberg

When in 1678 the 3 brothers Counts Heinrich III., Heinrich VIII. and Heinrich X. divided their territory Heinrich VII. got Castle and town Hrischberg  and the villages Absang, Blintendorf, Dobareuth, Gerbersreuth, Glashütte, Göritz, Göttengrün, Harra, Kießling, Langgrün, Mödlareuth, Oßla, Prik, Pottiga and Venzika
Count Heinrich VIII. died on 29.10.1711 withouit Issue,. Therfore the line Reuß zu Hirschberg became extinct.

Counts Reuß zu Hirschberg
1978-1711 Heinrich VIII.
married first to Baroness Elisabeth Sophie Wille of Bodenhausen zu Mühlreff
married second to Countess Sophie Juliane Reuß zu Obergreiz

Reuß zu Saalburg

In the parition of 1647 got Heinrich I, the son of the late Heinrich III. the rule Saalburg. This rule was formed this was from ceded territories fron the rules Gera, Lobenstein and Schleiz. From the rule it where the former care Saalburg and the villages Grafenwarth, Kulm, Künsdorf, Oberkoskau, Pöritzsch, Schilbach, Seubtendorf, and Wernsdorf, From the rule Lobenstein it where the villages Altengesees, Gahma, Göttengrün, Langgrün, Lothra, Rödern, Rittesrdorf, half of Spielmess, Thimmendorf, Weißenbach and Weinisberga, From the rule Schleiz it where the town Tama and the villages Dittersorf, Frankendorf, Görkwitz, Götendorf, Mielesdorf, Oschitz, Raila, half of Spielmes, Stelzen, Unterkoskau, Willersdorf and Zollgrün. 
When in 1666 his uncle Heinrich IX. Reuß zu Schleiz died without Issue he took over the entire rule Schleiz in it old territory and the rules Gera and Lobenstein got the villages and towns back who were deded from them in 1647

Lords of Reuß zu Saalburg
1647-1666 Heinrich I.  

Principality Reuß younger line

After the abdication of Fürst Heinrich LXXII. Reuß zu Ebersdorf the orginated Pricipalty  Reyounger line originated. It's ruler became Fürst Heinrich LXII. Reuß zu Schleiz. 
In the succession of the part dominions that were raised until to 1806 to principalities Reuss younger line was a, Member of the German Union and member of Tariffs and Trade Association of the Thuringian State Member of the German customs union. 1849 received the new Principality as a constitutional monarchy, a constitutional law and an electoral law with indirect elections to parliament  Reuss younger line. Conservative revisions of progressive Basic Law made in 1852 and 1856. Since 1854 Domänengut was consisting in particular of forests, the exclusive property of the Princely House, with its own management. This led to the formation of a state within a state. The yield of the Domänenguts was 713,000 Mark in 1913. In the German War of 1866 the Principality was initially neutral, but then unlike Reuss older line on the side of the Kingdom of Prussia. There was already on 28.06. by a voluntary agreement with Prussia which envisaged the North German Confederation in and on 02.07. from the German Confederation of. In consequence, in 1867 a part of sovereignty, namely the independent foreign policy, determination of economic policy issues as well as the military sovereignty, was abandoned. In 1871 Reuss younvge rline became a federal Stsate of the German Empire. As 1880, the states were obliged to establish permanent missions to the Federal Council in Berlin, the Principality transferred its representation in the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. With the  reform of the judicial system in 1877 the Principality became his Justice Couirt in Gera. After the electoral reform in 1871, the parliament consisted of 16 deputies, one of whom was appointed by the Fürst Reuss-Köstritz, three were chosen  of the highest taxed and twelve of the other male community citizens the direct process in a respective constituency. As a defense of social democracy this was in 1912 changed by the number of deputies was increased from the  12 to  17- At the same time, the plural suffrage was introduced, income, age and educational level into account. In a person up to five votes could be concentrated.Due to the rapidly expanding textile industry, the population increased in the district office Gera district between the 1871 with 40,721 inhabitants and 1900 with 99,594 inhabitants to 144.3% to, this corresponded to a population density of 406 inhabitants / km². Turn of the century there was a stagnation.
After the fall of the monarchy and the proclamation of the Republic in the November Revolution stated on 11.11.1918 Fürst Heinrich XXVII. also as Regent of the Principality of Reuss older line his abdication. Reuss j. L. was a free state, but in 1919 merged with the Free State Reuss ä. L. to Republic of Reuss with capital Gera, in turn, opened in 1920 in the state of Thuringia.

Fürsten Reuß younger line
1848-1854 Heinrich XLII.
1854-1867 Heinrich LXVII.
married to Princess Adelheid Reuß zu Ebersdorf
1867-1913 Heinrich XIV.
married first to Duchess Agnes of Württemberg
married second morgantic to Freiderike Craetz, created Fau von  Saalburg
1913-1918 Heinrich XXVII. already Regent since 1908
married to Princess Elise zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg

The Princely House after the End of the Monarchy

The Republic of Reuss made in December 1919 a comparision with the last reigning Fürst  Heinrich XXVII. Reuss. accorindg to it the Princely remaining estimated value of 34 million marks, such as the Osterstein Castle, the kitchen garden in Gera, Ebersdorf Castle, the Numismatic Collection and the collection of arms, the castle libraries in Schleiz and Osterstein, rights to use the Schleiz Castle and 5285 hectares of forest. After in 1927 with the former Fürst Heinrich XXIV. Reuß older line the older line had bgecome extinct in the male line Fürst heinrich XXVII. became the head of the enitre House of Reuß. After his death a year later he was succeeded by his son Hereditary Prince Heinrich XLV. He remained unmarred and adopted already in 1935 Prince Heirnich I. form the junior line Reuß-Köstritz.   Heinrich XLV., who sympathized since the early 1930s with the Nazis and was a Nazi Party member ] was arrested by the Soviet military in August 1945 in Ebersdorf and abducted and is missing since then. As is true most likely that he was interned in Special Camp No. 2 in Buchenwald and has come there killed. his name was not listed in any of the books of the dead of the special camp. He was declared on 05.01.1962 by a court in Büdingen, retroactively as of 31.12.  1953 for dead.  All his property was confiscated after the war on the orders of the Soviet military administration and 1948 expropriated, including Ebersdorf Castle, Hunting Castle  Waidmannsheil, Castle Thallwitz, Osterstein Castle in Gera
Successor of Heinrich XLV. as Head of the entire House of Reuss became  1945 Fürst Heinrich IV. Reuss zu Köstritz who then took skipped the Köstritz part. With his father the Heinrich XXIC. the r
ule of the Family in Bad Köstritz ended by the expropriation in the course of the land reform. The Austrian possessions came firfst under Soviet, then under American administration. During that time the Castle was heavily damaged. In 1956 the austriane state gave the entire possession of Ernstbrunn back to the Family. Since 1957 Fürst Heinrich IV. led peace peace remove the damages from during the after war time and the restore Ernstbrunn Castle. Since 1973 there is also a wildlife park near the Castle. In 1990 Fürst Heinrich IV. handed over the administration of the Family posessions to his son Heinrich XIV. whio succeeded him in 2012 as head of the Princely House. He scored on the return of goods from the line Köstritz, due to the ban illegal expropriation as Austrian nationals, a comparison with the Restitution Authority, due to which it is a farming and forestry operation in Gera-Aga and in Bad Lobenstein was transferred back.

Heads of the Princely House
1918-1927 Fürst Heinich XXVII. younger line
myrried to Princess Elise zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg
1927-1945 Hereditary Prince Heinrich XLV. younger line
1945-2012 Fürst Herrnich IV.
married to Princess Marie Louise zu Salm-Horstmar
2012-          Fürst Heinrich XIV.
married to Baroness Johanna Raitz of Frentz

The present members of the Princely Family
The present members of the Princely Family all have the Title Prince/Princess Reuß and the style of Serene Highness (HSH). Thy usage of the addition younger line wad dropped in 1930.  Before had seen 1806 all members of the different lines the Title Prince/Princess Reuß younger line but often instead of younger line the brach name (Ebersdorf, Scjleiz, Köstritz) was used

There are several branches the Princely Family. The main lines go back to the sons of Count Heinrich XXIV. Reuß zu Köstritz (1681-1748).
He had 3 sons
  • Heinrich VI. (1707-1783) ancestor of the older line . It became extinct in the male line in 1878.
  • Heinrich IX. (1711-1780) ancestor of the middle line.
  • Heinrich XXIII (1722-1787) ancestor of the younger line. 

The middle line

Prince Heinrich XLIV. (1753-1853) had 2 sons whre threre is still male Issue till present. 3 branches go from his older son Prince Heinrich LXIII. (1786-1840) who had 3 sons where there are descendants in the male line until today

  • Heinrich IV. who succeeded in 1878 Fürst Heinrich LXIX. as Fürst Reuß zu Köstritz
    married to Princess Luise Reuß zu Greiz
    • Heinrich XXIV. Fürst Reuß zu Köstritz
      married to Princess Elisabeth Reuß zu Köstritz
      • Regina
        married to Count Georg zu Stolberg-Stolberg
      • Sibylle
        married to  Count Wolfgang zu Castell-Castell
      • Heinrich XXIX. Fürst Reuß zu Köstritz but renounced the usage of the Title Fürst
        married to Countess Antonia zu Castell-Castell
        • Heinrich IV. Fürst Reuß
          married to Princess Marie Luise zu Salm-Horstmar
          • Heinrich XIV. Fürst Reuß
            married to Baroness Johanna Raitz of Frentz
            • Heinrich XXIX.
            • Tatiana
            • Luise
            • Heinrich V. 
          • Johannetta
          • Caroline,
            married to Baron Carl Philipp von Hohenbühel gt Heufler zu Rasen
          • Espérance,
            married to Count Johannes Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tetta
        • Heinrich VI.
        • Amadea
          married to Reinhold Sachs
        • Gertrud Renata
          married to Henri Grand d'Esnon
        • Heinrich VII.
          arried to Baroness Brigitte
          van Tuyll van Serooskerken
          • Cäcilie
          • Heinrich XIX.
            married to Abigail Sanders
          • Heinrich XXII:
            married to Ann-Carolin Dewald
        • Elisabeth Donata
          married to Peter Coleman
      • Heinrich XLI.
      • Viola
    • Eleonore
      married to King Ferdinand I. of the Bulgarians
    • Elisabeth
TSH Fürst Heinrich XIV. and Fürstin Johanna

  • Heinrich VII.married to Princess Marie Alexandrine of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
    • Heinrich XXXII.
      married (divorced) to Princess Marie Adelheid zur Lippe
    • Heinrich XXXIII.
      married (divorced) to Princess Viktoria Margarethe of Prussia
      married second (divorcecd) to Allene Tew
      from the first marriage:
      • Marie Luise
        married first (divorced) to Eric Theisen
        married second (divorced) to Alexander Bodey
      • Heinrich II.
    • Johanna
    • Sophie Renata
      married to Prince Heinrich XXXIV. Reuß
    • Heinrich XXXV.
      married first (divorced) to Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg
      married second (divorced) to Princess Marie Adelheid zur Lippe
      from the first marriage:
      Heinrich V.
      married to Ingrid Jobst
      • Alexandra
        married to Count Eberhard zu Erbach-Erbach
      • Heinrich XXVII. Ico
        married to Baroness Corinna of Elmendorff
        • Henriette
      • Caroline

  • Heinrich XXII.married to Countess Anna of Hochberg
    • Heirnich XXVIII., rennounced his title and was created Count of Dürrenberg
      married first (divorced) Countess Magdalena zu Solms-Laubach
      married second to Grace Sawyer
      from the first marriage:
      • Heinrich XXXIV.
        married to Princess Sophie Renata Reuß
        • Heinrich I.
          married to Duchess Woizlawa-Feodora zu Mecklenburg
          • Feodora
            married to Count Gisbert zu Stolberg-Wernigerode
          • Heinrich VIII.
            married to Baroness Dorit of Ruffin
            • Heinrich XX.
            • Heinrich XXIII
          • Heinrich IX.
            married to Baroness Amelie Besserer von Thalfingen
            • Johanna
            • Heinrich XXVI.
              married to Isabella Anna Frampton
          • Heinrich X.
            married first (divorced) to Baroness
            Elisabeth Akerhielm af Margarethelund
            married second (divorced) to Countess Antoinette of Arnim
            married third to Lucina Wolffersdoff-Zajder
            from the first marriage:
            • Benigna
              married to Oscar de Ascoz y Planes
            • Heinrich XXIV.
              married to Couhntess Dorothea zu Castell-Castell
          • Heinrich XIII.
            married to
            Susan Doukht Jaladi
            • Elena
            • Heinrich XXVIII.
          • Heinrich XV.
            married to
            Anya Charlotte Nooth-Cooper
            • Heinrich XXX.
        • Felizitas
          married to Fürst Otto Friedrich zu Ysenburg and Büdingen
        • Heinrich III.
          married first (divorced) to Baroness Franziska Mayr von Melnhof
          married second to Countess Odylia zu Castell-Castell
          from the first marriage:
          • Antoinette
            married first (divorced) to Peter Vogel
            married second to
            Peter Michael Linois de Scheel
          • Felizitas
            married first (divorced) to Prince Christian Peter zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
            married second  Count Franz Celems of Schönborn-Wiesentheid
          •  Heinrich XII.
            married fiist (divorced) to Countess Henriette of Meran
            married second (divorced) to Countess Henriette of Seilern and Aspang
            from the first marriage:
            • Anna
              married to Stephan von Lattorf
            • Heinrich XXI.
              married to Countess Marie Nadine of Moy de Sons
              • Heinrich III.
              • Heinrich IV.
            • Maximiliana
              married to Klaus Ita
            from the second marriage.
            • Heinrich XXV.
            • Maria Concetta
            • Maria Viktoria
          from the second marriage:
          • Heinrich XXVII.
            married (divorced) to Letizia Hoffmann
            • Heinrich II.
      • Heinrich XXXVI.
        married to Princess Hermine of Schönburg-Waldenburg
        • Magdalene
          married to Prince Hubertus of Prussia
        •  Caroline
          married to Count Alfred of Wedel, Baron of Wedel-Jarlsberg
      • Benigna 

TSH Prince Heinrich VII. and Princess Dorit
HSH Prince Heinrich XX.
HSH Prince Heinrich IX.
TSH Prince Heinrich X. and Princess Lucina

HSH Princess Benigna and Oscar de Ascoz y Planes

TSH Prince Heinrich XXIV. and Princess Dorothea

HSH Prince Heinrich XIII.

Another branch of the middle brach where is still alvie in the male line descends from the younger son of Prince Heinrich XLIV.  
  • Heinrich LXXIV:
    married first to Countess Clementine of Reichenbach-Geschütz
    married second to Countess Eleonore zu Stolberg-Wernigerode
    from the first marriage:
    • Heinrich IX.
      married to Baroness Anna of Zedlitz und Leipe
      • Heinrich XXI.
      • Heinrich XXII.
      • Heinrich XXIII.
      • Heinrich XXVI.
        married to Countess Viktoria of Fürtenstein
        by a Family agreement from 1887 his children had the Title Count/Countess of Plauen with the style of Illustrous Highness and remained full members of the Princely Family
        • Heinrich Ruzzo
        • Heinrich Pelas
        • Heinrich Harry, adopted by Prince Heinrich XXX. in 1927
          married to Baroness Huberta of Tiele-Winckler
          Descendans Prince/Princess Reuß, Count/Countess of Plauen
          • Heinrich Enzio
            married first (divorced) to Louise Peyron
            married second to Countess Feodoroa of Pückler, Baroness of Groditz
            from the first marriage:
            • Heinrich Ruzzo
              married first (divorced) to Mette Rinde
              married second to Anni-Frid Lyngstad
              from the first marriage:
              • Henriette
                married to Jan Herud
              • Pauline
                married to Gustav Eugen Vilhelm Berg
            from the scond marriage:
            • Heinrich Achaz
              married to Johann Guthmann
              • Heinrich XXXII. Caspar
              • Heinrich XXXIII. Jakob
            • Marina Carolina
            • Heinrich Patrick
          • Edina
            married (first divorced) to Count Max-Erdmann of Roedern
            married second to Franz Frey
          • Heinrich Pelas
        • Enzio Heinrich
          married first morgantic (divorced) to Nina Cotta
          married second morganatic (divorced) to Maj Nisser
          from the second marriage: (descendants Count/Countess of Plauen)
          • Rigo Heinrich
            married (first) divorced to Marianne Axelsson
            married second to Countess Agneta of Rosen
            from the second marriage:
            • Richard Heinrich
              married to Linda Hakansson
              • Stella
              • Harry
            • Anna, married to Count Vincenz of Kageneck
            • Enzio Victor Heinrich
              married to Frédérique Brocal
              • Callixte Kalle Heinrich
              • Candice Victoria
            • Friedrich Rigo Heinrich
              married to Isabella Hössrich
          • Henriette, married (divorced) to Count Friedrich-Carl of Schweinitz and Krain, Baron of Kauder
        • Ingeborg
          married first (divorced)) to Count Ferdinand of Westerholt and Gysenberg
          married second (divorced) to Erik Fischer
      • Marie
        married to Count Heinrich of Witzleben
      • Heinrich XXIX.
      • Heinrich XXX.
        married to Princess Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen
    from the second marriage:
    • Heinrich XXV.
      married to Countess Elisabeth zu Solms-Laubach
      • Barbara
        married to Count Siegfried of Lüttichau
      • Brigitte
      • Emma
      • Heinrich XLIV.
      • Heirnich XLVI. 
      • Heinrich XLVII.
    • Klementine
    • Elisabeth
      married to Fürst Heinrich XXIV. Reuß zu Köstritz
    • Anna Helene
    • Heinrich XXXI., rennounced his rights and was created Prince of Hohenleuben
      married (divorced) to Ilse Maria Görg

 The younger line

The younger line is descending from Count Heinrich XXII. Reuß zu Köstritz (1722-1787). His grandson Prince Heinrich II. is the ancestor of the follwing lines. 
  • Heinrich II.
    married to Countess Clothilde zu Castell-Castell
    • Henrich XVIII.
      married to Duchess Chaelotte zu Mecklenburg
      • Heinrich XXXVII.
        married first (morgantic, divorced) to Friedel Mijotki
        married second to Stefanie Clemm von Hohenberg
        from the second marriage
        • Heinrich XI. Licco
          married to Baroness Ulfa of Dörnberg
          • Henriette
            married to Count Ruprecht zu Solms-Baruth
          • Heinrich XVI.
            married to Baroness Julia Schenck zu Schweinsberg
          • Heinrich XVIII.
            married to Diana von Hagen
            • Heinrich I. 
            • daughter
            • daughter
            • daughter
        • Marianne
          married first to Avery Brundage
          married second (divorced) to Friedrich Karl Feldmann
      • Heinrich XXXVIII.
      • Heinrich XLII.
        married first (morgantaic) to Charlotte Nowack
        married second (morganatic) to Annelie Taube
        from the second marriage:
        • Alexandrine
          married to Uwe Schulze
    • Heinrich XIX.
      married to Princess Marie zu Hohenlohe-Oehringen
    • Heinrich XX., renounced his rights and was created Baron of Reichenfels