29 December 2012

Imperial Wedding at Nancy

The Wedding celebrations of Archduke Christoph of Austria and Adélaide Drapé-Frisch took place the last 2 days at Nancy. Yesterday moring the couple with their parents paid an Visit to the Église des Cordeliers where a private Mass took place and the couple visited the graves of the Dukes of Lorraine. In this Church the Dukes of Lorrane are buried and in the same the the grooms great-uncle, the late Archduke Otto married Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen in 1951.
At 17h00 local time the civil Ceremony at the Hôtel de Villa at Place Stanislas took place. The Ceremony was perfomed by the Mayor of Nancy. Aftewards the couple appeared on the balcony of the Hôtel de Ville. The grooms withnesses where his brother Archduke Imre and his cousin, Prince Louis of Luxembourg.
Finally the religious Ceremony took place on Saturday 29.12 20123 at 11h00 local time at the Basilique de St. Eprve. The bride arrived at the arm of her father a french diplomat. She wore a gown of duchess Satin by french designer Diane Lelys.  She also wore an historicc Family veil of the Habsburgs which was also worn by her sister in laws Archduchess Mare Christine and Katheleen Walker at her Wedding Days and a small floral tiara from the collection of the luxemburgian Grand Ducal Family. One of her sisters acted as her bridesmaid.
Among the guests where apart from the grooms parent and siblins:
Grand Duek Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg
Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie of Luxemborug
Prince Felix of Luxembourg and his fiancée Claire Laidemacher
Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxemborgu and their sons Gabriel and Noah
Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg
Princess Sebastien of Luxembourg
Prince Nikolaus and Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein
Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg
Archduchess Yolande of Austria
Arducke Rudole and Archduchess Marie Helene of Austria
Archduchess Constanza of Austria, Fürstin of Auersperg-Trautson
Prince Philipp and Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein

22 December 2012

Upcoming Wedding at Nancy

The year 2012 ist not over yet and so are not the Royal and noble Weddings in 2012 as on 28./29.12 Nancy will see a big Imperial Wedding. Then Archduke Christoph of Austira, the second son and third child of Archduke Carl Christian of Austria and his wife Marie Astird, née Princess of Luxemburg, will there marry his finacée Adélaide Drapé-Frisch. Recently the couple visited Nancy and gave an Interview to the Newspaper´"Le Republiain Lorraine". They told that on the search for the place for their Wedding they looked on Cities like Paris or Brussels but none of this according to their wishes. Then a Family member suggested Nancy and they both liked the Idea very much as the Habsburgs have historic ties to the City. Also the late Archduke Otto married there in 1951. Archduke Christoph also told that they want that the people can share their Wedding and that the doors of the Church will remain open so that people can come in. Adelaide is hoping for a little bit snow for the Wedding Day. The civil Ceremiony will take place on 28,12,. at 17h00 at the Town Hall of Nancy and will performed by André Rossinot the Major of Nancy. The religious Ceremony will be on Day later on 29.12. at 11h00 at the Basilique St. Epvre.

Article in french:http://www.republicain-lorrain.fr/actualite/2012/12/01/mariage-princier-a-nancy

29 November 2012

Count Albert of Rechberg celebrates 100th birthday

Count Albert of Rechberg zu Rothenlowen and Hohenrechberg celebrates his 100th birthday today on 29.11.2012. He was born in 1912 as son of Count Albert and his wife Theresia, nee Freiin von Schorlemer. In 1951 he married Count Monika zu Köngsegg-Aulendorf who died in 2002. They had 5 children together.
In 1967 Count Albert succeeded his unmarried and childless uncle, Count Joseph as head of the countly House. Until 1986he administrated the family posessions but at the End of 1986 he gave the administration over to his son, Hereditary Count Bernhard who is still in charge of it. During they time he adminstrated the Family posessions several of the Family Castles where sold among the the Castles and Ruins Rechberg, Weissenstein, Ramsberg and Scharfenschloss. In 1987 the Family sold their principal Residend the Castle in Donzdorf to the City Donzdorf.It was taken over by the City in 1992 and since 1995 the adminstration of the City has their place there. The Family moved into a new build property in Donzdorf.

18 November 2012

concerns about Duke Franz of Bavaria

Duke Franz of Bavaria has cancer. Yesterday it was announced by adaminstration of the Royal Houses that he has lymphatic cancer. He already had to cancel severy engagements last week. He will now undergo Chemotheraphie which will last for siome mionths. According to his doctors there are good chances of beeing cured

30 October 2012

Grand Ducal Wedding in Luxemburg - religious Wedding

Early in the morning of the Wedding Day i meet with Ken from the UK who stayed in the same Hotel the i did and then we went to the Cathedral together where  we arrived short before 8h00. There we also meet Eric from Belgium. As it turned out there where already quiet a lot of people there so we could not stand in the first row but luckily i had brought something to stand on with me so i had still a good sight. Already quiet early the buses with the first guest arrived. One of the first who came where guests from the german houses among the Margrave and Margravine of Baden with their son Bernhard and daughter-in-law Stephanie, Prince Georg Friedroch of Prussia who arrived woth his siter-in-law Katharina and her husband Archduke Martin of Austria-Este. And also the Duke and Duchess in Bavaria and lot more. Later the Military came and stood in a row near the church entrance. Unfortunately it turned out that direct before us the Military band was standing . Around 10h00 the membes of the luxemburgian Goverment and other officials arrived by fot. The a bus come with all the other european heirs who attended the Wedding. They all had to walk over a street before coming to the red carpet. After them the most important guests arrived. As they arrived in single cars and where droven direct to the start of the red carpet it was now more difficult to see them and make pictures of them. As the last arrived Grand Duke Henri together with Mrs Lydia de Schaetzen, a sister of the late Comtesse Alix de Lannoy. Then the groom with his beaming mother Grand Duchess Maria Teresa came. Next where the bridesmaids Princess Alexandra of Luxemburg and Antonia Hamilton a niece of the bride. After them a car came with the flower children. And then finally car with bride and her oldest brother Comte Jean de Lannoy arrived. After coming out out the car the walked up the red carpet to the entrance of the Cathedral where the where greeted by the Archbishop of Luxemburg. And now the long waiting startet. At first we had gthought about goin to he Palace to see the balcony appearance of the bridal couple after the Wedding ceremony but as we didn't know how many people where already there we decided to stay at the Church. After the very long Service which lasted for almost 2 hgours the bridal couple finally come out and went down the red carpet to their waiting car which brought them back to the palce. Afterwards Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa left followed by the foreign royal guests. After the most imprtant guests had left the other guests walked to the Palce and where not driven with cars. We then also left and meet again with Hein from the Netherlands. We also went to the Palace to see what was going on there and could see that some guests already left the Palace agin. We then decied to seek for a place where we could drink and eat something. In the evening we had another look at the back of the Palace to see what was going on there.

My Pics

25 October 2012

Grand Ducal Wedding in Luxembourg - civil Wedding

On Friday i went to the Place Guillaume II. where the Town Hall is located and arrived there at short before14h00. There i meet again with Netty and Ken from the UK and also with Henriette and Josée from the Netherlands. Luckily i got a place in the first row. Later small school children with their teachers got places before us but they where no problem for us. Before the arrival of the Grand Ducal Family images from the Life of the bridal Couple where shown on the big screen which was errected there. Short before 15h390 they Grand Ducal family with the bridal couple and the brides siblings left the Grand Ducal Palace and walked the short distance. The bridal couple greeted the small children and talke with the people. Then they went in the Town Hall where the where married in a civil ceremony which lasted for about 30 min. After they went out they bridal couple again took theirtime and looked at the paintings the school children had brought with them. Unfortunately for us the children before us had nothing specielllike the children opposide so they went to them instead. They really took their time with it.
Later in the afternoon we meet at the Chocolate House opposide the Grand Ducal Palace where we meet Katrin who lives in Luxembrug. Together we waited for the guests to arrive for the gala Dinner in the evening. We could see several of them arriving among them the entire belgian royal family, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima, the norwegian Royal Family and much more. As it was to dark i could not make good pictures. Later i had dinner together with Netty, Hein and Ulrike both had arrived later that day at the Place d'Armes. Suddenly we noticed several nobles guests coming out of the Cercle a building at the Place d'Armes among them lots of german nobles.

Grand Ducal Wedding in Luxemburg - preparations.

As many other Royal Watchers i travelled last week to the Grach Duchy of Luxemburg to witness the Wedding hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Comtesse Stéphanie de Lannoy. After some hours of travekl with the train i arrived there on Thursday afternoon. I first went into the City to have a look on the Church and the Town Hall where the civil Wedding was to take place the next day.

Decoration at the Place d'Armes

some Shopwindows where decorated with  a picture
of the bridal Couple and the lucemburgian flag

preparations at the Cathedral

peparations at the back entrance of the Grand Ducal Palace

In the evening i meet with Netty from the Netherlands who had arrived that evening and we went to have dinner together. In the next morning i went to the national Museum of History and Art and visited there the  exhibtion about the Silver Treasur of the Grand Ducal Family. Afterwars i came across the Palace and i came just in time to see the bridal Couple leaving for the Reception in the Grand Theater which was to take place this morning.

the Cathedral on Friday morning
The bridal Couple leaving to the Reception at the Grand Theater.

16 October 2012

Grand Ducal Wedding in Luxemburg next Weekend

In a few days the it is finally the time. On Friday 19. Oktobter the civil Wedding of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxemburg Comtesse Stéphanie de Lannoy will take Palace in the Town Hall of Luxemburg. In theevening there will be a Gala Dinner at the Grand Ducal Palace. On the next day there will then be the big religoius Wedding at the Cathedral Notre Dame and afterwards the couple will make an appearace in the balcony of the Grand Ducal Palace. In the early evening the couple will even mix and mingle with the Crowds on Place Guillaume. 
Some details as the Guestlist for the have already been released by the Grand Ducal Court:
The Couple has also given several Interviews among them also on the german ZDF:

All News about the upcoming Wedding can be found here at the special Site of luxemburgian Newspaper Wort.

09 October 2012

Princess Sophie of Prussia is pregnant

Last week it was already reported in "Bunte" that Princess Sophie of Prussia is pregnant,yesterday it was confirmed by Michaela, Blankart, the Speaker of the House of Prussia that the princess is indeed expecting the first child of the couple. She did not give further Information such as the expected due date or if a boy or girl is expected.

07 October 2012

† Prince Albert of Saxony

Prince Albert of Saxony, one of the grandson of the last saxon Kig Fredrich August III.has died  According to the Family he died peacefully on the evening of Satruday 06.10.2012 in a hospital at Munich. Only in July his brother Maria Emanuel Margrave of Meissen, for long years the head of the Family had died in Switzerland. Prince Albert then cleamed the headship of the Royal House despite the fact that in a Family agreement in 1997 he agreed that their nephew prince Alexander of Saxe-Gessaphe should succeed Margrave Maria Emanuel.

06 October 2012

90th birthday of Fürstin Hildegard zu Stolberg-Roßla

Fürstin Hildegard zu Stolberg-Roßla, née Sauerbier celebrated her 90th birthday on Friday 04.10.2012.  The doctor originally from Hanau to Ortenberg and in that capacity she sat in practice accents. Many have fond memories of the dedicated woman who was always available and took care to their patients. A "country doctor" like in the picture, which even left her nightly round of cards, if "worst comes to worst" and a doctor's visit was inevitable. Mayor's places Ulrike Pfeiffer Pantring stressed in this respect the arc in the present. "Now when discussing physician-shortage in rural areas, I sometimes wonder what our doctor has the time mastered and why others can not do it anymore." That it was at the time, was on the person as not only doctor always put tremendous discipline and immense diligence of the day, combined with solidity and reliability. On one side. On the other are their marked cheerfulness and a desire for companionship. In Sagittarius and she enjoys gymnastics club honorary status. And not only there. Even the hunters they admire "without end". This passion for hunting she went to old age. But Princess Hildegard had of advancing life to pay tribute: "I'm going to drive hunting long gone and my last deer I shot five years ago."
In 1967 Dr. Hildegard Sauerbier then married Fürst Johann Martin zu stolberg-Roßla whio is still in the memory of older Ortenberg people. He died in 1982 as a result of a car accident. In 2007 the Fürstin adopted Count Alexander zu Stolberg-Wernigerode according to the wishes of her late husband. The new young Fürst who is married and has 5 children has the biggestr Respect of Fürstin Hildegard.

23 September 2012

civil Wedding at Rüdenhausen

Photo and Copyright Gabi P.

On Saturday 22.09.2012 the civil Wedding of Prince Dominik zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and Countess Olga zu Castell-Rüdenhausen took place at the Townhall of Rüdenhausen. The bridal Couple alked the short distance from the CAstle to the Townhall where the short Ceremony started at 11h00 local time.

Photo and Copyright Gabi P.

 Present where also their parents Fürst Johann Friedrich and Fürstin Maria zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, and Fürst Alois-Konstantin and Fürstin Ansatasia zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. Also the grooms sister Christina von Rohr, née princess zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and some of the brides uncles. After the Ceremony they posed for the few onlookers before they wealked back to the Castle where a celebration with more guests took place.
The religious Ceremony will take place on 06.10. at Sintra, Portugal where the Family of the brides mother has an Estate.

Photo and Copyright Gabi P.

10 September 2012

Habsburg Wedding in Washington

Washington D.C saw a noble Wedding on 08.09.2012w when Archduke Imre of Austria married Kathleen Walker at the St. mary Mother of Good Church there. Archduke Imre is the oldest son of Archduke CArl Christian of Austria and his wife Archduchess marie Astrid, née Princess of Luxemburg.
The wellnkown royal author Marlene Koenig was at the Wedding and a report and pics of here can be found here:

more pics by tagblatt.lu

Wedding in the House Stolberg-Stolberg

A noble Wedding took place on Saturday 08.09.2012 at the St. Nikolaus Church at Bad Kreuznach when Countess Sophie of Plettenberg married Count Antonius zu Stolberg-Stolberg. The bride wore an 150 year old veil from Brussels lace which is an Family heirloom. The bridal coupld was married by Count Ulrich of Plettenberg, a cousin of the bride.
Before the noble Wedding scoiety could make their way to Namedy castle wher the reception and ball took place a few surprised watied for the bridal Couple. First the hunting horn blowers Bad Kreuznach played because "Sofie is a hunter" and then they married an trip in a open carraige which was drown by four black horses because riding is a hobby of both of them.
The couple had meet each other six years ago in Dresden where both studied. After the Wedding they will live in Munich

08 September 2012

Langenburg Castle


This week i visited Langenburg Castle which is the residence of Fürst Philipp and Fürsti n Saskia zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg and ther 3 children.
The name Lanburg was first mentioned in 1225 as Langenberg. From1235 the old Castle was rebuild the 2 old round massiv towers are from that time. Between 1610 and 1616 Count Philipp Ernst the Castle was reconstructed as Princely Residence in the Renaissance Style. Especialla striking from this time is the Inner Court with its galleries, gables and stair towers . From 1657 - 1759 the Castle was again reconstructed this time in the somber Baroque style. In this time the 2 bridges which go overt the 2 depp channels to the Main entrance of the Castle where cionstructed. In the 19th and 20th Century the outside of the Caslte was largely mantained until a big fire in January 1963 where the East and North wing of the Castle  wings burned down to a big part. In the followings spring it was started to rebuild the Castle was begung and finished in  summer 1968. Today the Castle is the residence of Fürst Philipp zu Hohenlohe-Langenbrug and his wife Fürstin Saskia and their 3 children, Hereditary Prince Max Leopold, Prince Gustav and Princess Marita.
In another part of the Caslte a Museum was etablished and the rooms and also the Inner Court are open to Visitoris. Another Museum the "german Car Museum" was opned in 1970 in the former stables of the Castle.

22 August 2012

Stolzenfels Castle

The old Castle of Stolzenfels was build in the years 1242-1259 by Arnold II. of Isenburg, Archbishop of Trier as custom, Castle. In 1412 the role as custom Castle was given by Werner von Falkenstein to the Castle Kunostein.
In the 30years War Stolzenfels Castle was first in 1632 occupied by the ASwedes and later for alwaqys 2 years in 1634 and in 1635 by the french. After it was in destroyed in 1689 during the palatin hereditary War for the next 150 years the ruins fell more and apart. In 1815 the City of Koblenz gave the ruins as gift to Crown prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia the future King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. He accepted it only in 1823 after his marriage with Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria.

The Castle Church

In the years 1826-1830 the Architect Johann Claudius von Lassauls build the parish Church St. Means in Stolzenfels at the Order of Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Ath the same the Castle was rebuild as Summer residence. Until 1842 the present Castle was build under cooperation of Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Unmistakley are the influences of the english new gothic and the romantic Style of Schinkel. In 1842 the Castle was ready and on 14.09.1842 King Friedrich Wilhelm IV moved in. In 1845 the Castle Church in new goth Style was added.
Soon after the Castle was complete it was opened to Visitors when the King was not in residence.
Since 2002 the Castle Stolzenfels is part of the UNESCO awarded World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley . For the Romantic Rhine exhibition at National Museum Koblenz 2002, a digital model was created that reconstructs the state of 1845, based on restoration research. For the Federal Horticultural Show 2011 in Koblenz Castle Stolzenfels EUR 16 million was restored from state funds. The external appearance has been restored and re-created the gardens according to old plans. .

04 August 2012

noble Wedding at Wallhausen

The little town of Wallhausen saw a noble Wedding today on 04.08.2012 when Princess Maria-Anna zu Salm-Salm married Count Dominik of Neipperg at the parish Church St. Laurentius. The bride is one of the the daughters of Prince Michael zu Salm-Salm and his wife Philippa, née Countess zu Castell-Castell and the groom is the youngest son of Hereditary Count Karl Eugen of Neipperg and his wife Andrea, née Archduchess of Asutria, a granddaughter of the last austrian Emperor Karl I.


25 July 2012

† Margrave Maria Emanuel of Meissen

Margrave Maria Emanuel of Meissen, the Head of the Royal House of Saxony passed away on Monday 24.07.2012 in his home at la Tour de  Peilz near Vevey. He was born in 1926 as oldest son of Margrave Friedrich Chirstian of Meissen and his wife Elisabeth Helene, née Princess of Thurn and Taxis and was a grandson of the last reigning King of Saxony Friedrich August III. In 1968 he succeeded his father as head of the Royal House. In 1962 he married Princess Anastasia Luise of Anhalt but their marriage remaind childless. As also his younger brother Prince Albert who married morgantic has no descendats ther was the Question of the future sucession. In the 1990's at a Family meeting all male dynastic members agreed that the succession should pas to Pince Alexander of Saxe-Gessaphe a nephew of the Margrave (son of his sister Princess Maria Anna) who was adopted by the Margrave. Later Prince Albert changed his mind
So no both Prince Alexander who is married to Princess Gisela of Bavaria and has 3 sons, and Prince Albert claim the Headship of the Royal House.

30 June 2012

† Fürst Heinrich IV. Reuß

Fürst Heinirch IV. Reuß died on 20.05.2012 at his home Ernstbrunn at the age of 92 yeats. he was sourronded by his children and grandchildren. Since 1945 he was the head of the Princely Family Reuß wo until 1918 reigned in todays Thuringia. This line of the Family had her seat at bad Köstrtz and the Summer Residence was Ernstbrunn Castle nr Vienna wo after 1945 became the Main Residence. After 1990 the Family came back to their former posessions and some of them ehere also returned because the Prince has trhe austrian nationality and not the german 8as he was born in Ernstbrunn).
In 1954 Fürst Heinrich IV. married Princess Mrie Luise zu Salm-Horstmar wo survies him. Together they had 4 chidren: Heinrich XIV. wo succeeds him as the head of the Family, Johanetta, Caroline and Esperance.
His funeral will take place on Sautrday 30.06.2012 at Ernstbrunn where he will be buried in the Park of the Castle.


The new Fürst Heinrich XIV. with his wife
Johanna, née Freiin Raitz zu Raitz

28 May 2012

Faber-Castell Wedding at Stein

Photo ánd Copyright Gabi P.

On Saturday 26.05.2012 the little town of Stein nr. Nürnberg saw a noble Wedding when Count Charles of Faber-Castell and Melisa Eliyesil married there in a lutheran Ceremony at the Martin-Luther Church. The Couple had already married in a civil Ceremony in September last year. The Service which started at12h00 was officiated by Pastor Tobias  Wittenberg. The bride wore a gown by Eva Deselli, wife of the famous Designer Robert Cavalli. After the ceremony the Couple drove in an open Car to Stein Castle where the reception took place.

Photo ánd Copyright Gabi P.

Among the guests where:
Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia
Fürst Alexander and Fürstin Nadja zu Schaumburg-Lippe
Fürst Albrecht and Fürstin Marie Louise zu Castell-Castell
Fürst Johann Friedrich and Fürstin Maria zu Castell-Rüdenhausen
Countess Olga zu Castell-Rüdenhausen and her fiancée Prince Dominik zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
Count Patrick and Couness Mariella of Faber-Castell
Hereditary Prince Donatus and Hereditary Princess Floria-Franziska of Hesse

Photo ánd Copyright Gabi P.

Photo ánd Copyright Gabi P.

17 May 2012

Wedding at the Wieskirche

Photo and Copyright Ulrike B.
On Saturday 12.05.2012 the Wieskirche near Steingaden a famous Roccco piligrimate Church and Tourist Atttraction saw a Royal Wedding. At this day Princess Felipa of Bavaria, the younger daughter of Prince Leopold (Poldi) of bavaria and his wife Ursula (Uschi) née Möhlenkamp married there the Filmproducer Christian Dienst. Unfortunately the weather on this day turned out to be quiet rainy and cold. I arrived at the Church short before 10 a clock when it was still open for Tourists and had a chance to go in and look around before it was closed. Little later the first guests started to arrive most of them walked the way from the Parkplace below the Church. Only the most important guest where droven in Cars. A little bit late the bride and her father finally arrived around 10 mins. after noon. Luckily at that time the rain was very light so that no umbreally was needed. The bride wore a gown by munich Designer Natascha Müllerschön and a diamond tiara usually worn by her mother. After greeting the priest the bride accompanied by her father walked down the Aisle to the Sound of "The Prince of Denmark's March". The Mass was officiated by Abbot Johannes Eckert of Kloster Andechs. Among the Music during the Service was the  Spatzenmesse, Laudate dominum and Ave Verum (Mozart). At the end Wassermusik (water music) by Händel. The Service last for around 1,5 hours. Unfortunately during the Service the rain became again stronger and so the bridal Couple rushed into the Car when the left the Service and also the Guests went away quiet fast.
Among the guests which attended where;
Duke Franz of Bavria
Duke Max and Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria
Duke Philipp and Duchess Marie Caroline of Württemberg
Duchess Helene in Bavaria
Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria and Daniel Terberger
Duchess Anna in Bavaria and Klaus Runow
Prince Luitpold and Princess Beatrix of Bavaria
Prince Ludwig of Bavaria
Prince Lukas and Princess Alice of Bavria
Count Alfons and Countess Ysabel Hoyos
Fürst Karl Friedrich and Fürstin Katharina of Hohenzollern
Fürst Hubertus and Fürstin Alexandra Fugger of Babenhausen
Fürst Alexander and Fürstin Nadja Anna zu Schaumburg-Lippe
Count Hans Veit zu Toerring-Jettenbach
Fürst Carl Christian and Fürstin Katalin of Wrede
Princess Maria Theresia, Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philipp of Thurn and Taxis
Baron Karl Theodor and Baroness Stephanie of Guttenberg
Prince Carl Albrecht and Princess Camilla zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

13 May 2012

900 years House of Baden

The House of Baden celebrates this year it's 900 anniversary. On  27.04.1112 Margrave hermann was the first mentioned as Count of Baden
On 10.05.2012 SWR the local TV-Channel showed an interesting Documentary about the History of the House which can be watchd here (Don't know ho long the Link will be work).
A Day later the the Family invited to a Matinee at the Theatre at Baden-Baden. Among the guests who attended where.
Margrave Max and Margravine Valerie of Baden
Hereditary Prince Bernhard and Hereditary Princess  Stephanie of baden with ther 3 sons
Princess Caroline of Monaco
Prince Ernst Augst jr. of Hannover
Duke Carl of Württemberg
Fürst Karl Friedrich of Hohenzollern

11 May 2012

upcoming Wedding at the Wieskirche

On 12 May Princess Felipa of Bavaria will marry Christian Dienst at the Wieskirche nr. Steingaden. the bride is the older daughter of Prince Leopold of Bavaria and his wife Ursula née Möhlenkamp.
The bride will wear a dress designed by munich designer Natascha Müllerschön and among the bridal chidlren will by her nephew and niece Prince Leopold and Princess Alva.  Both grom and bride will have 6 witnesses. The Service  service will be opened wiith the Prince of Denmark-March, followed by the Spatzenmesse, Laudate dominum and Ave Verum (Mozart). At the end Wassermusik by Händel will be played.
After the Wedding there will be a reception at Hohenschwangau. For the reception in the evening 360 guests are expected. 

02 May 2012

noble Wedding in Amerdingen

Prince Carl-Albrecht (Charly) zu Sayn-Wittgenstein married Camilla Schenk Countess of Stauffenberg on 28.04.2012 at the St. Vitus Church at Amerdingen. The Service weas lead by Pastor Paulo Habsburg and Pfarrer Daniel Maria Schmidt. 
As Camilly will once take over  the Family posession in Amerdingen from her grandfather Alfred Schenk, count of Stuaffenberg the Couple choose to marry there. But first they will live together at Nairoby where Carl-Albrecht works.
The couple is togetherer since 4 1/2 years and they meet once in Tegernsee. They civil marriage took place on 02.03 in Munich.

05 February 2012

† Hereditary Grand Duchess Karin of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Hereditary Grand Duchess Karin of Mecklenburg-Schwerin passed away on 26.01.2012 at Glücksburg. She was born in 1920 as Karin von Schaper and married in 1941 Herediatary Grand Duke Friedrich Franz of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, the oldest son of the last Grand Duke Friedrich Franz IV. The couple divorced in 1967 and remarried 10 years later in 1977. Her husband died in 2001 when the House of Mecklenburg bacame extinct in the male line as the Couple had no children.