21 July 2011

The Crown Jewels of Württemberg

The Crown Jewels of the former Kingdom of Württemberg are since 1971 displayed in the the württembrigian Ladesmuseum at the Alte Schloß in Stuttgart. In a contract from the year 1927 this peaces where given to the Country Württemberg now a part of Baden-Württemberg,


The King's Crown was made for King Friedrich I. probalby very soon after he became the first King of Württembergon 01.01.1806. The Crown consists of Gold, Diamonds, Pearls and Emeralds. The stones and many of the pecaes who decorate the Crown where taken from the old ducal House Jewels, also the big emeralds and the "Caroliniian Jewels" who had belonged to Duke Carl Alexander who sammled many Jewels. It's not known which Jeweler has made the Crown.  The Crown and Orb where never worn they where displayed at the Lying in States and funerals of the Kings and Queens. Soon after he became King in 1816 King Wilhelm I. let made some smaller changes at the Crown.

King Wilhelm ordered for his third wife Queen Pauline a dimaond Parure of 4 peaces which was made by Heinrich August Kuhn in 1824. One of the reasons for this was the widow of King Friedrich I., Queen Charlotte Mathilde still lived and that the many Jewels of the late Queen Katharina was intheritd by her 2 daughters, so that there where almost no Jewels for the Consort of the reigning King. The Parure consists of the so called riche Diadem, a  daimond necklace with five hanging diamonds, 2 bracelets and  earrings.

The newest peace of the Crown Jewels is the Roccoc-Dideam of Queen Charlotte was made in 1893 and consists of diamonds which are

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